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Voices of Burnaby Seniors Society

Advocating for seniors by seniors

Voices of Burnaby Seniors Society (VOBSS), is a group of seniors (55+) who are committed to enhance the lives of Burnaby seniors through:

  • Raising awareness and advocating for seniors' needs

  • Improving access to information

  • Increasing connections and contact between individuals and service providers who can help address those needs, and

  • Developing or supporting projects to address challenges to seniors' ability to live independently.

The goal of VOBSS is to make efforts to support all Burnaby seniors in being healthy, independent and connected members of our community. VOBSS is led and informed by community seniors working with the City of Burnaby and community, government and service provider organizations to support Burnaby in being an age-friendly community.

Digital Assistance/Literacy for Seniors

Are you a senior who needs help in using your mobile device (e.g. phone, tablet) or computer? Do you want to learn how to use apps like Zoom and Whatsapp to stay in touch with your loved ones?

Contact VOBSS for free, friendly tech support - email us at:
vobssociety@gmail.com or call 604-619-0953.

For more information on technology resources and services in Burnaby and BC, please visit the technology section of Burnaby Public Library's Community Resources Guide.

Latest News ...

Footcare Nurse Evelyn is available for monthly appointments, 8:30am-12:00pm. ,,,

British Columbians canow access the updated BC Seniors’ Guide, a comprehensive tool that provides crucial information on health, housing, finances, community supports and more to help seniors continue living well. ...

This program from Burnaby Primary Care Networks will provide in a safe, low barrier and nonjudgmental way food for people in the neighbourhoods to give and take, to reduce waste and feed their children better. It builds and enhances food security in Burnaby for those in need.

Seniors Connections from Burnaby Neighbourhood House.
Join this interactive telephone-based program to socialize, learn, laugh and create connections!

Burnaby Neighbourhood House offers in-person and virtual technical help for computers and mobile devices.

COVID-19 Resources

For links to medical, social, community and government resources on COVID-19 especially for Burnaby Seniors please click here.

We acknowledge the support of the City of Burnaby.

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