BC Seniors' Guide

British Columbians can now access the updated BC Seniors’ Guide, a comprehensive tool that provides crucial information on health, housing, finances, community supports and more to help seniors continue living well.

Print copies of the enhanced 12th edition of the guide are available in English, Chinese, French, Punjabi, Farsi, Korean and Vietnamese. All languages can be accessed online in PDF format. The English version is online in e-book format.

You can download the PDF version of the guide (great for printing at home), read it online, or order a hard copy. See below for information and links.

BC Seniors' Guide (PDF, 1.87MB)

To access the BC Seniors’ Guide in all seven languages, visit: http://www.gov.bc.ca/seniorsguide

To order free print copies, call (toll-free): 1 877 952-3181
Or in Greater Victoria:
250 952-3181

Help with BC Vaccine Card

Hello Burnaby Seniors,

On September 13th or shortly thereafter, we will need to have a BC Vaccine Card in order to access some events, services and businesses. You will NOT need one to go to grocery stores, pharmacies, fast food places, coffee shops and take out. For a full list of places you can go or can't go, google BC Vaccine Card.

If you need help getting the card and have a smart phone, Burnaby Neighbourhood House will help you get one on your smartphone.. Just attend one of their Computer Drop-in classes. Contact BNH at 604-431-0400.

Burnaby Neighbourhood House has also kindly volunteered to print one for those who don't have a smart phone or computer and printer.

You can also order a paper copy by phone and it will be mailed to you. Call 1-833-838-2323. Translators are available.

I hope this helps,

for Voices of Burnaby Seniors Society

Service Canada: Ready to Help - Seniors


Safe and Affordable Homeshare Program for Students and Seniors

Launching in Summer 2021, Simon Fraser University (SFU) and Canada HomeShare are partnering to support the housing needs of university students and older adults through a safe and affordable homeshare program.

Within a housing agreement, the senior will host a university student and receive monthly rent of $400–$600. In exchange, the university student will provide light assistance around the home; tasks may include providing technical support, preparing meals, tidying up, purchasing groceries, or walking a pet.

Learn more about the program on the website and register for an informational session with the Canada HomeShare team on July 28, 2021 or August 3, 2021.

Also, please stay tuned for an upcoming meeting of our network in the fall 2021.

Thank you.

Social Planning
City of Burnaby

BPL - Learn How to Use Zoom for Seniors

Burnaby Community Fridge Program

This program from Burnaby Primary Care Networks will provide in a safe, low barrier and nonjudgmental way food for people in the neighbourhoods to give and take, to reduce waste and feed their children better. It builds and enhances food security in Burnaby for those in need.

The first location is outside the Burnaby Youth Hub at 4750 Imperial Street. Please go and check it out, and feel free to take something or leave something! For more information on what items are accepted for the fridge please view the FAQ here.

National Long-Term Care (LTC) Services Standard Survey

The Standards Council of Canada (SCC), Health Standards Organization (HSO) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA Group) are working collaboratively on developing two new national standards for LTC that will be shaped by the needs of residents, families and Canada’s LTC workforce.

The bodies involved in the development of these standards want to hear from Canadians and what matters most to them when it comes to long-term care. The responses will help shape what an optimal future state of LTC ought to look like in Canada.

Provide your input by taking the survey.

Seniors Connections Program

Seniors Connections from Burnaby Neighbourhood House

Join this interactive telephone-based program to socialize, learn, laugh and create connections! The program is available to seniors living in Burnaby who are experiencing barriers in accessing community resources to stay active and independent. Session topics include Mindfulness & Meditation; Travel; Safety, Privacy and Rights; Explore Burnaby and more! Each session is around 30 minutes long.

On the day and time of the session you have registered for, you will receive a phone call informing you that the session is about to begin. To join the conference call, just dial ‘1’ when prompted! It's as easy as that. No need to remember multiple phone numbers or access codes!

For more information or to register, email tapscoord@burnabynh.ca or call 604-431-0400 and ask for Alexis.

Do You Need Tech Help?

Burnaby Neighbourhood House offers in-person and virtual technical help for computers and mobile devices. Please view the poster for details.